George Pell Gets A Job in Prison (Breaking News)


George Pell has landed a job at the Melbourne Assessment Prison.

Pell is paid ten dollars a week to weed and water the small garden in the visitors’ centre. He tends the prison garden twice a week.

There’s not much garden so it takes him less than half an hour each day. There are native trees and shrubs surrounding a gazebo. He weeds the garden beds and waters the plants with a hose.

Pell asked for a job to help break up the boredom of spending 23 hours a day in solitary. He’s paid to do it so it gives him some cash to spend at the canteen for any little ‘luxuries’ he wants.

He’s been locked up now for eight months as he awaits word from the High Court about his last appeal. He has no contact with the other prisoners.

Even when he is gardening, Pell is in isolation.
A lonely life for a man once used to roam the Vatican and dine at the best restaurants in Rome.

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