NSW Boys’ Homes

NSW boys home where incidents of abuse occurred

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse heard shocking allegations about physical and sexual abuse committed on children living at NSW boys’ homes between the 1960s and 1990s.

In one such submission to the Royal Commission, 50-year-old Gordon Myers alleged he was raped and bashed by various staff at Daruk Training School in Windsor, beginning when he arrived there for the first time in 1978 as a 13-year-old.

Myers said that physical and sexual assaults occurred on a regular basis over a period of five years, and accused a staff member of performing illegal circumcisions on him and other boys at the home.

Wide-ranging child abuse also allegedly occurred at a number of smaller, individual houses run by married couples known as ‘house parents’.  Among other submissions, the Royal Commission heard reports about abuse and cruelty by house parents on an acreage at Mittagong where farming activities took place.

Kelso Lawyers is working on behalf of survivors of abuse to negotiate significant financial settlements through Alternative Dispute Resolution and mediation, with no court appearances or hearings to attend.

Kelso Lawyers encourages anyone who experienced physical or sexual abuse by staff at a state-run NSW boys’ home to come forward to discuss your case.

   Notorious Boys’ Homes   Also referred to as
   Daruk Training School, Windsor   Daruk Boys’ Home, Dharruk Boys Training School,          Daruk Training Farm
   Mittagong Training School for Boys   –
   Berry Training Farm   –
   Institution for Boys, Tamworth   Home for Boys, Tamworth, Tamworth Institution for Boys
   Bethcar Children’s Home, Brewarrina   –
   Salvation Army’s Bexley Boys’ Home   Kolling Memorial Boys Home, Salvation Army Boys’ Home    Bexley North, Bexley Boys’ Probationary Home
   Salvation Army’s Gill Memorial Boys’ Home, Goulburn   Goulburn Boys’ Home
   St Vincent’s Boys’ Home, Westmead   Westmead Boys’ Home, St Vincent’s Westmead, Westmead    Catholic Homes for Boys, Westmead Home
   Burnside Presbyterian Orphan Homes   Burnside Orphan Homes, Burnside Homes for Orphans,    Burnside Orphanage
   North Coast Children’s Home, Lismore   –