Kelso Lawyers – a family affair


You’re getting more than a lawyer with Kelso Lawyers.

Kelso Lawyers is a father, son, and daughter law firm.

Peter started his firm from scratch in 1986.

This was a huge achievement for a man who grew up being abused by his foster parents.

He started up humbly from the front room of his house in Hamilton, then a modest suburb of Newcastle. After three months he borrowed $6,000 and leased a small office above a bank up the street. A few years later the business was booming; he leased the bigger office next door and began learning how to market his services.

These days the firm is incorporated and employs over 20 staff in Newcastle and Sydney.

It’s a family affair now with Peter’s eldest son Ashley and daughter Lydia working as solicitors in the Sydney office. Younger son Brendan is also studying to be a lawyer, due to finish late 2018.

Helping people is in the Kelso blood, there’s no doubt.

Four lawyers in one family. There are no guesses for what the conversation turns to every time the family gets together.

Kelso Lawyers are dedicated to providing unrivalled care and service. We want our clients to get the best results possible, and will go to great lengths to make this happen.

Read our testimonials here.

Since the Royal Commission, the team at Kelso Lawyers have been on the front foot, helping clients across Australia with their mission for justice. We have worked with victims of Catholic Church abuse, institutional abuse, and have been vocal on our Facebook Page, keeping the Royal Commission front and centre.

Even though the Royal Commission has wrapped up, the work isn’t over yet. Thousands of victims deserve an apology and compensation from the evil institutions who robbed them of their innocence and childhood.

If you were abused by a church, school, or institution, please get in touch today. The team at Kelso Lawyers would like to hear from you.


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