Men’s image consultant Bradley Payne-Moore jailed for downloading “abhorrent” child abuse material

bradley payne-moore

Bradley Payne-Moore, a men’s image consultant from the ACT, has been jailed for downloading and possessing child abuse material including videos of a young girl being raped and murdered. 

Payne-Moore was arrested in 2019 after police raided his home and seized 137 child abuse images and videos. He told the police he hadn’t actually viewed the child abuse material, but it was later found that seven of the images had been opened and viewed multiple times.

Justice Chrissa Loukas-Karlsson initially refused to watch the videos and called it “abhorrent”. Speaking directly to Payne-Moore in court, Justice Loukas-Karlsson said:

“Children are abused to produce these images; to produce what is depraved material. The court has a duty — I have a duty — to impose imprisonment.

“You did not have the best start in life, but you know that is no excuse for these offences.”

Payne-Moore replied, “I do.”

The court heard Payne-Moore suffered mental, physical and emotional abuse when he was a child and experienced multiple bouts of homelessness. However, his lawyer said Payne-Moore had turned his life around with a successful men’s image consulting business.

Since his arrest, Payne-Moore has received anonymous phone calls threatening to run his motorcycle off the road. He also claims to have been attacked with hot wax at a nightclub in Canberra.

Justice Loukas-Karlsson sentenced Payne-Moore to 15 months in prison which is to be suspended after four months. 

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Feature Image: ABC News

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