Foster Abuse Class Actions with Kelso Lawyers

What you need to know

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When children have been negatively impacted by abuse at the hands of poorly selected carers – who is responsible?

This is the issue that has plagued victims of abuse by their government-appointed foster parents. It is incredibly hard to make a private compensation claim against an individual – thereby rendering most victims powerless on their quest for justice.

Until now, it has been impossible to hold governments responsible.

2017 marked the beginning of justice in the United Kingdom – the Supreme Court determined the government authority was responsible for the sexual and physical abuse its own appointed foster parents committed against State wards.

This ruling has been a game changer for foster children who have been abused in the UK. Finally, victims of abuse can achieve the justice they deserve.

This ruling was monumental for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Hopefully it soon opens the way for the ruling to be approved by Australian courts. The law in Australia will then be consistent with the law in other major common law countries like the United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand.

We need to make our voices heard so the government knows it’s not right to keep going the way we are.

7 people are all it takes to start a class action.

We need to take our crusade to all State governments. State wards who have been abused by their foster parents have as much right to compensation as those children who were abused by teachers, clergy and officers in residential Children’s Homes.

Kelso Lawyers can file a group claim on your behalf – it’s far easier than filing a claim on your own and is a safe, efficient and cost-effective way of achieving justice.

Contact our team today and join our class action. Let’s change the law and make history together.