Types of Child Abuse

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The Different Types of Child Abuse

There are many different types of child abuse. Sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional maltreatment, neglect and exposure to family violence are all forms of child abuse.

Child sexual abuse – also sometimes called child molestation or child sexual assault – may involve fondling a child’s genitals or a perpetrator encouraging a child to fondle their genitals; masturbation with the child either as an observer or participant; oral sex; fondling of breasts; vaginal or anal penetration by a penis, finger or other object; voyeurism or exhibitionism. Exposing a child to pornography, or using a child for the purposes of pornography or prostitution is also classified as child sexual abuse.

The online world is providing perpetrators with access to a large number of potential victims. Perpetrators who use instant messaging or other online communication tool to persuade children to engage in sexual activity is a growing danger.

Any forms of child abuse should be reported to the authority. There are also places where you can seek help such as the child and youth protection community in your area.