Ash Kelso


Ash Kelso manages the Sydney branch of Kelso Lawyers. He is a dedicated advocate, lawyer and engineer.

His main areas of practice are Institutional Abuse cases, Engineering & Construction disputes, and Administrative Law – however, he also enjoys taking on cases involving novel or unusual points of law.

For me it is about advocacy. There is a real sense of honour to stand in the place of another and present their case with force, to do for them what they could not do for themselves.. -- Ash Kelso

Ash is driven to ensure that our clients get the best outcomes; and he applies his skills in law, project management, and technology to make that happen.

Ash is also one of those few lawyers who know how to code. He has worked with several different programming languages, his favourite currently being Python.

Ash started out managing engineering projects for the Department of Defence before being drawn to the law. He has a degree in Mechatronics Engineering (University of Newcastle) and Law (University of New England).

Cases Ashley has had published:

Dobbie v Commissioner of Victims Rights [2018] NSWSC 1989 [Topics: Psychiatric Injuries; Child Abuse; Administrative Law; Jurisdictional Error; Wednesbury Unreasonableness]

Commonwealth Department of Social Services v Australaw Pty Ltd (Case No. auDRP 18-10) [Topics: Arbitration; Intellectual Property; Domain Names]