Archbishop prefers prison over breaking confessional seal

Melbourne Archbishop says prison time preferable to breaking the seal of confession  Melbourne Archbishop Peter Comensoli has claimed three years imprisonment would be preferable to a priest breaking the seal of confession and reporting child…

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Institutional child abuse compensation lawyers

We know what it’s like to be hurt. Our founding director Peter Kelso knows first-hand the emotional and physical pain of foster parent abusejust listen to his story. We know what it’s like having the trauma of your abuser living in your head rent free – and we want to help you get them out for good.

When you choose Kelso Lawyers, you choose crusaders against establishments who need to be held accountable for their actions. You are choosing to put your trust in a team who will not only help you win your case but give you the explanation and support required to know exactly what’s happening, every step of the way.

How we can help you

We are specialists in abuse compensation. Our team played a crucial role for many victims in The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse: we supported them throughout their hearings and fought the relevant institutions to ensure our clients received the apologies and compensation they deserved. The Child Abuse Royal Commission highlighted the abuse rife within the Australian Defence Force, so we began helping veterans with their claims against the Commonwealth government. When the Commonwealth Government hastily launched the National Redress Scheme, our team was ready to help those who wanted to apply and educate those who thought the Scheme was the only option they had. Our battle against abuse includes police officers abused by their fellow colleagues in the workplace.

There is no good reason for abuse and our unstoppable team will help you in the battle against your abuser. We will do everything in our power to ensure you receive justice.

We bring justice for victims. We bring fear to the institutions that betrayed them. We bring hope that this will never happen again.
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Peter Kelso, director of child abuse solicitors Kelso Lawyers, knows the devastating impact of child abuse all too well. Peter became a State ward at age five and grew up separated from his siblings. He experienced physical and emotional abuse in foster care.

For a long time, Peter kept his abuse a secret. But in recent years, he has let his guard down. Sharing his story has helped other survivors to feel safer in sharing theirs.

Peter knows that it’s possible to turn the corner and, with his legal expertise, seeks to help his clients to achieve a ‘breakthrough moment’. This may be through pursuing financial settlements, or apologies from the institution responsible for your abuse.

Our Team

Kelso Lawyers was established by Peter Kelso in 1986. The firm has been actively engaged with victims of abuse since 1988. The firm conducts the largest number of claims for compensation for victims in New South Wales.

Meet The Team

Why Choose Kelso Lawyers?

We understand how you feel.

Peter Kelso grew up in institutional care for 13 years; he knows child abuse personally and the 'system' many of his clients went through.

You're engaging with a family firm with strong values and a history.

Peter founded his firm in 1986. His son and daughter are now lawyers who work for their father. They really know and get what he stands for.

You're represented by a firm respected and feared by the institutions they oppose.

Kelso Lawyers punch well above their own weight; their lawyers have serious intellectual clout. They know how to use all the side doors and back doors in the law to win a complex case.

Your case will be handled by a 'law firm of choice' for many survivors of abuse.

Thousands of people apply to Kelso's every year to take their cases on.

You're backed by advocates for change.

Peter is a public figure; he agitates for change and broadcasts his opinions in the media and on the internet. He doesn't respect reputations. His voice is heard loudly and repeatedly.

Are you entitled to compensation?

Peter listened and accepted, cared and gave me hope. He gained my trust in a phone call. I never thought that was possible. Read Greg Scully’s testimonial here.