Bullying and Abuse within the Police Force in Australia needs to end

There is little to no published information on the culture of abuse within the ranks of the police force. Until you really start digging. And then you uncover the horrific stories of abuse and harassment….

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Child abuse compensation solicitors specialising in cases arising from the Child Abuse Royal Commission.

Our work includes historic child abuse involving clergy, church staff, school teachers, Defence Force personnel, residential children’s home staff, foster parents, youth workers and junior sports coaches.

The legal process can be intimidating but it can play a powerful role in helping survivors to heal. We have helped hundreds of survivors claim substantial compensation payments and apologies from the governments, churches and institutions responsible for their suffering.

We bring justice for victims. We bring fear to the institutions that betrayed them. We bring hope that this will never happen again.
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Abuse Law Involving Institutions

What happens when institutions fail to care? Organisations with the responsibility of caring for the safety and wellbeing of children are given an enormous amount of trust and responsibility by the community. They certainly play…

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Abuse Law and the Education System

The culture of abuse that spread through Australia’s education institutions. Education is a right that should be afforded to every child, regardless of circumstances. To deny a safe, supportive school environment for any child is…

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Foster Parent Abuse

The Royal Commission was an important start to achieving justice for thousands of child sexual abuse victims. They shone the light into the darkness and the cover-ups which have fuelled child sexual abuse in churches…

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Reparation Payments for Victims of Abuse in the Australian Defence Force

A policy announcement made in late 2017 has paved the way for victims of physical abuse, sexual abuse and serious harassment in the Australian Defence Force to receive one off reparation payments from the Commonwealth…

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Peter Kelso, director of child abuse solicitors Kelso Lawyers, knows the devastating impact of child abuse all too well. Peter became a State ward at age five and grew up separated from his siblings. He experienced physical and emotional abuse in foster care.

For a long time, Peter kept his abuse a secret. But in recent years, he has let his guard down. Sharing his story has helped other survivors to feel safer in sharing theirs.

Peter knows that it’s possible to turn the corner and, with his legal expertise, seeks to help his clients to achieve a ‘breakthrough moment’. This may be through pursuing financial settlements, or apologies from the institution responsible for your abuse.

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Kelso Lawyers was established by Peter Kelso in 1986. The firm has been actively engaged with victims of abuse since 1988. The firm conducts the largest number of claims for compensation for victims in New South Wales.

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Survivor's Stories

Sexually and physically abused as a child at a Marist Brothers’ orphanage, Rick turned to alcohol and illicit drugs to dull the memories. The abuse impacted upon all areas of his life – from his education and mental health, to his relationship with his children.

Rick’s life story is a common one. Read survivors’ stories here.

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