About Us

A unique perspective – how Kelso Lawyers are different

As specialists in child abuse compensation claims, Kelso Lawyers have represented hundreds of survivors of child abuse across Australia.

The firm was established in 1986 by lawyer, Peter Kelso, a former State ward who has himself experienced child abuse. You can read Peter’s story here.

We took on our first child abuse case in 1988, and now such cases are the sole focus of our firm.

With Peter at our helm, we have a unique take on how to help survivors of child abuse to rebuild their lives. Every member of our team — from our legal secretaries to our paralegals and solicitors — appreciates the devastating impact child abuse can have on the lives of survivors. Compassion and empathy is at the core of everything we do.

Our Legal Team:

Peter Kelso, Director and Founder

Ash Kelso, Partner

Jodie Scanlon, Partner

Jade Cooper, Senior Associate

Luke Garaty, Senior Associate

Lydia Kelso, Senior Associate

Nathan White, Solicitor

Rachel Garrett, Senior Associate

Patricia Hall, Solicitor


Our Management & Administration Team:

Kayla Rogalewski, Practice Manager

Aneta Poposki, Legal Assistant

Bethany Brunton, Legal Assistant

Corey Brown, Legal Assistant

Grace Outram, Legal Assistant

Ashlea  Cummings, Legal Assistant

Michael Boyd Gonzalez, Legal Assistant


It is our mission to help survivors to achieve a ‘breakthrough moment’, where they can leave their painful memories of abuse in the past.

In years past, institutions and churches have strongly resisted financial settlements and fought to keep payments to a minimum. This is finally changing. The establishment of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse shone a light on the poor practices of institutions and strengthening the cases of child abuse victims.

There has never been a better time for child abuse survivors to seek justice.

In addition to negotiating compensation packages, we support our clients in securing written and verbal apologies. We understand that an apology is often as important to survivors as a financial settlement. Some of our clients have even had their written apologies framed.

And we don’t just represent the interests of child abuse survivors individually. We play a broader role in advocating for changes to laws and government practices that affect child abuse victims.

We are strongly committed to making a difference … and this is what makes us different.

If you are a survivor of child abuse, call Kelso Lawyers on 1800 650 707 (free call) to discuss how we may be able to help you.