Australian Paedophile Offenders Exposed

Australia’s most notorious child sex offenders are listed right here. Named and shamed.

Child Sex Offenders Australia List: Nowhere to Hide

These perverts are just a few of the monsters who’ve committed atrocities against children. The Royal Commission referred 2,575 cases to authorities, including the police, for further investigation. This has kept the police busy for years.

NSW Police spent over five years investigating sexual abuse that occurred at the Parramatta Training School for Girls. Clients of Kelso Lawyers took part in both hearings as police witnesses. As a result, Frank Valentine and Noel Greenaway have been found guilty and sent to prison where they belong.

Many other perpetrators have died before charges have been laid or complaints have been aired. 

Kelso Lawyers are constantly updating this page with other prevalent child sex offenders who have been caught.

Paedophile Offenders by City & State

Paedophile Offenders Australia-Wide

Video: Paedophile Hotspots in Australia (Child Sex Offenders Australia)