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Our director, Peter Kelso, has experienced the devastating impact of child abuse. How so? Peter became a State ward at age five and grew up separated from his siblings. He experienced physical and emotional abuse in foster care.

For a long time, Peter kept his abuse a secret. But in recent years, he has let his guard down. Sharing his story has helped other survivors to feel safer in sharing theirs.

Peter knows that it’s possible to turn the corner. And, with his legal expertise, he helps his clients to achieve a ‘breakthrough moment’. This may be through pursuing financial settlements, or apologies from the institution responsible for your abuse.

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I would highly recommend Kelso Lawyers to any victims of institutional abuse that are looking for help in ensuring that they get the assistance needed to not only seek compensation to aid in the healing and closure process, but to seek an acknowledgement and an apology from the institution and authorities responsible.

The information I shared with them, was always treated with confidentiality and absolute belief. The environment that peter and his wonderful team have created, always made me feel safe.
If you are an abuse survivor and have been thinking about speaking up, I would strongly encourage you to do so and speak with the team at Kelso Lawyers.

We are crusaders against the establishments

You are choosing to put your trust in a team who will not only help you win your case but give you the explanation and support required to know exactly what’s happening, every step of the way

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