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The culture of abuse that spread through Australia’s education institutions.

Failure to provide a safe, supportive school environment for any child is deplorable. It is unthinkable that sexual abuse could exist in any school.

Sadly, for hundreds of children, school was a place where abuse was perpetrated every day. What should have been some of the happiest, most enriching and inspiring years of their life became filled with depravity.

Starting with professional legal advice

For many survivors of abuse, even thinking back to certain periods in time can be a painful experience. Kelso Lawyers specialise in helping individuals seek compensation with dignity and confidence. If you experienced abuse as a child during time at school, you may be able to seek financial compensation.

The most important step for survivors is to break the silence; to reach out, find your voice and seek help. Whilst legal proceedings may only be the very beginning on your journey to healing, it is a significant and important element of the healing process.

Legal services for survivors of abuse at schools and educational institutions

Peter Kelso has over 30 years’ experience in handling cases of abuse toward children. As a former ward of the state, Peter spent time as a child in institutional care where he experienced the trauma of abuse.

As an experienced lawyer, Peter is determined to achieve justice for survivors of abuse at educational institutions. If your adult life has been affected by instances of abuse during your childhood schooling, you are not alone in your journey toward a brighter future.

Kelso Lawyers have negotiated significant financial compensation in the wake of the Royal Commission hearings that exposed the allegations of horrific abuse at educational institutions across NSW. For example, Kelso Lawyers represented 16 survivors who were sexually abused by the Headmaster and two teachers at Armidale’s Ben Venue Public School, helping them achieve substantial compensation against the NSW Education Department.

Initiating the conversation with Kelso Lawyers can have a profound effect on your life, your well-being, and your future. Our services are designed to minimise the exposure of survivors to stressful environments, as we understand how challenging the process can be.

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