Paedophile Enablers

The Royal Commission has not just uncovered hundreds of paedophiles hiding within the largest institutions in Australia, but also the people who failed to report them.

These are the individuals who knew the atrocities their peers, superiors and friends were committing, and let it slide. They allowed children as young as five to be horrifically abused.

Kelso Lawyers are dedicated to ensuring these people don’t get swept under the rug. They should be as accountable as the perpetrators of the abuse.

Roger Herft

He was the Archbishop of Newcastle’s Anglican church. He knew abuse was occurring in his church and he did nothing to aid the helpless victims.

Frank Little

He was the Archbishop of Melbourne in the 1970’s. He knew about his paedophile priests and he did nothing. He let them abuse children, rather than stand up and take action.

Leo Clarke

Leo Clarke was a Bishop in the Newcastle/Maitland diocese. He was more than just a Bishop. And he helped cover up the crimes of Denis McAlinden and Father Vincent Gerard Ryan.