Paedophile Enablers

People who knew of paedophile activity but did not report to the Police

The Royal Commission has not just uncovered hundreds of paedophiles hiding within the largest institutions in Australia, but also the people who failed to report them.

These are the individuals who knew the atrocities their peers, superiors and friends were committing, and let it slide. They allowed children as young as five to be horrifically abused.

Kelso Lawyers are dedicated to ensuring these people don’t get swept under the rug. They should be as accountable as the perpetrators of the abuse.

Roger Herft

He was the Archbishop of Newcastle’s Anglican church. He knew abuse was occurring in his church and he did nothing to aid the helpless victims.

Frank Little

He was the Archbishop of Melbourne in the 1970’s. He knew about his paedophile priests and he did nothing. He let them abuse children, rather than stand up and take action.

Leo Clarke

Leo Clarke was a Bishop in the Newcastle/Maitland diocese. He was more than just a Bishop. And he helped cover up the crimes of Denis McAlinden and Father Vincent Gerard Ryan.

Bishop Alfred Holland

Numerous victims and witnesses have come forward with allegations suggesting they told Bishop Alfred Holland about abuse in the church. He denies the allegations to this day.

Richard Appleby

Former Bishop Richard Appleby told the Royal Commission he doesn’t recall being told of any instances of child sexual abuse in the Newcastle Anglican Diocese. According to allegations, Appleby was the one hearing complaints about sexually abusive priests.

Keith Allen

Throughout his career, Allen has admitted to tearing up priest resignation letters, tampering with documents and changing dates to protect local priests from punishment for child abuse.

Denis Hart

There’s no excuse for covering up or concealing child sexual abuse. However, Bishop Denis Hart would rather go to prison than report child abuse revealed in confession.

Bishop Brian Farran

Bishop Brian Farran took months to defrock former Bishop Graeme Lawrence when child sexual abuse claims were brought to light. Why? Graeme Lawrence was a longtime friend.

Edmund Gleeson

Edmund Gleeson was a Newcastle Bishop until 1956. He accepted paedophile priests into his church (knowingly or unknowingly) and put local families at risk.

Archbishop Philip Wilson

He was the Archbishop of Adelaide. He’s now the highest-ranking Catholic Church official charged with concealing child sex abuse in Australia.

Graeme Lawrence

Lawrence has been accused of covering up the evil sex crimes of serial paedophiles like Father Peter Rushton. He is the worst kind of paedophile enabler.

Robert Mulkearns

Ronald Mulkearn was one of the most revered bishops of his time, serving the Catholic Church for decades spanning from 1956 to 1997. Now, however, he’s notorious for protecting paedophile priests from facing punishment for their crimes.

Father Brian Lucas

Father Brian Lucas was a capable priest with legal training. He was competent in both civil law and church law and he was given important roles within the Catholic Church. However, it has been revealed that Lucas assisted in the cover-up of the crimes of serial paedophile, Father John Joseph Farrell.

Michael Malone

Michael Malone became the Catholic Bishop of the Maitland-Newcastle diocese in 1995. At the time, there were two notorious paedophile priests working beneath him – Denis McAlinden and Jim Fletcher. Michael abused more than 20 underage girls.

Monsignor Patrick Cotter

Monsignor Patrick Cotter was the vicar-general of the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese in the 1970s. During his time, he had multiple paedophile priests working beneath him – but none so infamous as Father Vincent Ryan.

Bishop John Toohey

McAlinden started raping children from 1949. One of the men who helped conceal McAlinden’s sick secrets was former Bishop of Maitland, John Toohey. Toohey was ordained a bishop in 1956 and maintained his position until 1975. McAlinden worked in the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese at the time, abusing underage girls.

Monsignor Leo Fiscalini

Ridsdale was charged with more than 100 counts of child sexual abuse between 1993 and 2014. His crimes started back in the 1960s. One of his superiors was Monsignor Leo Fiscalini. He knew about Ridsdale in 1970-71.

Bishop James O’Collins

One of Australia’s worst and most prolific paedophiles, Gerald Ridsdale, served under O’Collins and fellow bishop, Ronald Mulkearns in the 1960s. Ridsdale was convicted of more than 100 charges of child sexual abuse in 1993. The incidents occurred over a thirty year period.