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At Kelso Lawyers, we are following the Government’s advice about the Coronavirus. We have implemented all appropriate and sensible strategies to handle this situation. We want you to know that we are on the ball so that you and all our staff are as safe as possible.

We currently have staff working from our offices and from home. The flexibility of work hours and conditions have long been in vogue at Kelso’s; so the precautions at the moment against gathering in static groups will have no negative impact on the way we do things here. It’s actually what we’ve been doing for many years. That’s why you can email me or your solicitor on weekends, holidays or night time… You’ll always get a response pretty well straight away. We are a law firm that never sleeps.

Kelso’s has the latest remote access technology, plus we’ve been a ‘paperless office’ for over ten years. This means that all our solicitors and staff can work from home (or from anywhere in Australia) from their computers. Everyone works entirely ‘off the screen’. We don’t actually have paper files, which means there is no time wasted searching for files lying around the office. Your file is on the computer.

We can even answer and transfer telephone calls remotely.

The reason we’re mentioning this is to assure you that there will be no disruption whatsoever to how we run your claim. We don’t want you to worry about that. The Coronavirus won’t be stopping the progress of your claim. The law firms we deal with on the other side are also cooperating with us to conduct settlement conferences remotely; face to face apologies are being postponed until after the pandemic is over.

At Kelso’s, we rarely need to have face to face meetings with our clients at our headquarters in Hamilton. Almost all conferences are done by telephone, conference call and Skype. This is the modern way. There is generally no need for you to travel to Hamilton to speak to us, and we have no plans to change the way we’ve been doing things. Over the years we have found our clients prefer the convenience of not having to leave home, and we are more than happy to oblige.

A face to face appointment, if necessary, will be subject to you confirming that you have not recently travelled overseas, have no obvious symptoms of a cold or influenza and are free of any other Coronavirus symptoms.

We anticipate that Coronavirus concerns will be short-lived, however, the situation is developing rapidly. No matter what happens, we want to assure you of our dedication to providing continuity of service to you. Please know you can always call us – we will always get back to you.

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