Former Australian Labor Party (ALP) member Peter Andrew Hansen jailed over child abuse tour

Peter Andrew Hansen

Former priest and ALP member Peter Andrew Hansen has been jailed for 17 years for child sex tourism trips in south-east Asia. He has also been charged with producing child abuse material on these trips. 

Hansen pleaded guilty to eight counts of engaging in sexual intercourse with children under 16 outside of Australia and 20 counts of producing child abuse material. He has also been charged with possessing child abuse material in New South Wales.

He will serve a separate sentence of four years and three months concurrently with his 17-year sentence for the Commonwealth offences.

In 2014, Hansen was using Facebook and an encrypted messaging platform called Brosix to connect with fixers and consumers of child abuse material. Here, users would discuss and share child abuse materials, and set up meetings with underage boys in the Philippines and Vietnam. 

In 2016, Hansen’s messages to another user called “Maliboy Hornbag” were read out in court. Hansen complained about a “dud” experience in Cebu and upcoming plans for a “nude party”.

He told this user that he could “have 5-8 [boys] in the house, we could lock the doors and pull the curtains.” 

He also claimed he would “keep the camera busy” and said the victim, a small boy, was a “sucker”.

While in the Philippines, Hansen met with his fixer who took photos of local boys under the pretence of a modelling shoot. Hansen then picked the boys he liked best and paid his fixer the equivalent of $8 AUD for each boy that was sent to his hostel.

According to Judge James Bennett, Hansen’s “abhorrent conduct” took a high level of planning and organisation, and Hansen was “more concerned with his own predicament” than what he had done to children overseas.

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Feature Image: Sydney Morning Herald

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