Paedophile Offender: Grant Davies (Dance Teacher)

Grant Davies

Grant Davies is a Paedophile Offender.

Priests aren’t the only ones who abuse their power.

Doctors and teachers can also abuse the trust of parents and children.

Grant Davies is one of these people.

He was a dance teacher in Sydney, coaching young girls and boys at the dance studio he shared with his sister.

He was arrested in 2013, and charged with 63 offences, including aggravated sexual assault and producing child abuse material.

Davies preyed upon young girls, using his position as a dance teacher to force his students to wear skimpy clothing, demanding they wear g-strings or no underwear. His position as a dance teacher meant spending a significant amount of time with his students alone.

He used this “alone time” to groom and abuse his children. His process involved grooming them at a very young age, before sending sexually charged text messages and moving onto sexual assault.

Davies even manipulated a mother into sending him sexual images of her children. If his victims didn’t comply with his demands, he punished them by ignoring them in class and cutting them from performances.

He’s damaged the dancing careers of his victims.

Many of Davies’ victims were ignored when they raised concerns. Even when a teacher raised concerns about Davies’ behaviour in 2002, the parents and dance community vilified her.

There were no reports of any past trauma or abuse in his life. He had no learning difficulties or behavioural problem which could possibly seek to explain his vile behaviour.

He is just a perverted man who used his position to abuse students and manipulate an entire community into believing he could do no wrong.

He was married. It was his wife who brought forward evidence to the police, leading to his arrest.

Davies is serving his time in a protective custody wing for sex offenders at Long Bay in Sydney. He will be living with other rapists and child sex offenders.

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Image source: Daily Mail

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