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guide to compensation
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What you should know

When a person is experiencing the ongoing suffering of clergy or institutional child abuse, making attempts to seek compensation can often seem too difficult or confronting.

Kelso Lawyers are determined to assist survivors of clergy and institutional abuse by providing an avenue to undertake legal action and receive the compensation they deserve.

To help understand the compensation process, we have put together a free downloadable guide to make it easier to take the first steps to seeking compensation.

What’s inside our guide

The entire compensation process is broken down to make it simple to understand and easy to navigate.

Kelso Lawyers are dedicated to achieving justice for the survivors of abuse, and we want to empower people to come forward and share their story with us, so that we can help you get what you deserve. The key elements of the guide include:

  • Why should survivors seek compensation?
  • What’s involved in making a compensation claim
  • Providing a statement in a compensation claim
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • Payments and costs involved with a compensation case
  • What happens after a claim has been made
  • Frequently asked questions about compensation claims and a glossary of terms

“While no amount of money can erase the harm caused by child abuse, a compensation payment can ease the pressure and help make life more comfortable in the here and now…”