Institutional Abuse Lawyers

Institutional Abuse

What happens when institutions fail to care?

Organisations with the responsibility of caring for the safety and wellbeing of children are given an enormous amount of trust and responsibility by the community.

They certainly play an important role in providing opportunities and support for children to grow and flourish.

When these institutions fail in providing proper care, it is the children who suffer. As we have seen, the damning evidence which has been presented to the Royal Commission paints a picture of rampant abuse, cover-ups, neglect and terror.

Survivors need someone who will listen

The thought of starting legal action and seeking compensation against large and powerful institutions, including governments, can be overwhelming.

Kelso Lawyers have extensive experience representing victims who have experienced abuse as children. This may include State governments, the Australian Defence Force, and church or ‘not-for-profit’ agencies.

Our process is designed to support the healing process, whilst at the same time seeking maximum compensation to restore you and regain the life you deserve.

Legal services for survivors of institutional abuse

Kelso Lawyers focus on achieving the best result for each and every abuse survivor we help. To do this, we focus not only on the outcome but also on the ongoing process.

Legal proceedings are invariably a stressful and painful time for survivors of institutional abuse and your well-being throughout your entire experience with Kelso Lawyers is very important to us.

It is our belief that any person who has suffered institutional abuse should be given a platform to have their unique story heard, regardless of the current financial resources available to them.

Kelso Lawyers operate on a fee system dependent on the compensations awarded so that nobody is excluded from accessing legal support due to financial circumstances.

Making a claim for compensation can change your life and Kelso Lawyers are here to help. 

Get the justice you deserve with Kelso Lawyers. We want to hear your story. Call (02) 4907 4200 or complete the online form before you accept payment from the National Redress Scheme.