Institutional Sexual Abuse Over Time

Catholic Church Abuse Over Time

An Overview

The Catholic Church has a long history of abuse. So long, in fact, that theological texts have been addressing this issue since AD 60. The Church has a history of covering up these awful crimes, condemning them in public and sweeping the crimes under the rug wherever possible. The Church has enjoyed a level of freedom in dealing with their paedophile priests, covertly covering up their crimes and dismissing the innocent victims. For too long members of the Church have celebrated their known paedophiles, ignoring their abhorrent crimes. From giving elaborate funerals to having Bishops help criminals avoid being caught by the police, the Catholic Church has acted as though they are not subject to the same laws as the rest of society. The timeline below demonstrates how long the Church has been aware of the issue of child sexual abuse in their community. They are not ignorant of their crimes, rather they go to great lengths to ensure their crimes are protected by secrecy and conspiracy.