Royal Commission Into Institutional Abuse Timeline

The Royal Commission Into Institutional Abuse ran for close to 5 years & uncovered the darkest secrets of our churches. Find a complete timeline here.

Overview: Royal Commission Into Institutional Abuse

The Royal Commission into institutional responses to child sexual assault was a mammoth undertaking. The Royal Commission Into Institutional Abuse uncovered a disgusting conspiracy to undermine children and take advantage of their innocence, and several instances of abuse of power. The Commission also completed crucial research to help the system improve the way they approach claims of child abuse. It took years of ongoing investigations and media attention for this Commission to see the light of day. The Commission is over, but this doesn’t mean the impact of everything it achieved should be swept under the rug.

Below is a timeline outlining every research and public hearing the Royal Commission Into Institutional Abuse undertook. The horrifying thing is that for every research piece and public hearing, hundreds (if not thousands) of children were sexually abused before this came to light. Hundreds of hours and millions of taxpayer dollars focused on understanding this scourge of society.

Royal Commission Into Institutional Abuse Timeline

There is no way to recover the innocence of those children.

There is a way forward.

If you were abused by any Catholic priest, any Catholic religious brother, any minister of religion, Salvation Army soldier or officer, any school teacher (Catholic school, Christian, Jewish or Islamic school, private school or State school), a sports coach, a foster parent, Children’s Home officer, a church elder or other leader, scout leader or youth leader, contact Kelso Lawyers today.

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