Paedophile Offender: Kevin Jewell (Brother Dacian)

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In the 1960s, paedophiles were rife in the education system – regardless of whether the school was a no-frills public school, Catholic school or a flashy private school.

No one could escape them.

Kevin Joseph Jewell (otherwise known as Brother Dacian), for example, lurked around Marcellin College in Randwick but he was known to travel from school to school abusing students in place of their learning.

Between 1967 and 1968, Jewell abused five boys at Marist Brothers Eastwood. Now in his 80s, Jewell has been charged and jailed for 15 counts of assault against the five Eastwood boys. Some of the boys – now men – describe themselves as “raging alcoholics” and have been psychologically scarred by the abuse.

One of the victims committed suicide at 51 years old.

Jewell was uncontrollable and merciless with the abuse. He went to disturbing lengths to abuse the boys. In fact, on one occasion, Jewell continued to fondle a boy’s genitals undeterred as another teacher spoke to him through the doorway of a classroom.

In this article, we expose Jewell’s crimes and recount the story of his conviction, ensuring Jewell and the Marist Brothers are made accountable for the abuse of five innocent boys.

“I cannot keep a vow to my chastity”

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In the 1970s, Jewell quit his teaching role in Eastwood, saying he could not keep a vow to his chastity.

But the damage had already been done. He’d abused several boys over the span of a decade. He had left a horrific trail of destruction behind him.

Between 1967 and 1969, Jewell sexually abused five students – some as young as nine years old. He abused the boys in classrooms, piano lessons and swimming lessons, all during school hours.

On one occasion, a boy was called to the front of the class and Jewell fondled his genitals while asking about his homework.

The five boys never spoke about their abuse. It was decades before they met at a school reunion and found out they weren’t alone.

A frail, old paedophile charged with 15 counts of child abuse

Jewell (left) picoted at a previous appearance.

Image: Daily Telegraph

In 2017, a former pupil of Marist Brothers Eastwood spoke to NSW police. He was just nine years old when he was abused by Jewell at the school. Shortly afterwards, Jewell – now in his late 70s – was summoned to the Eastwood Police Station where detectives charged him with fifteen incidents of assault against five former students.

He was granted conditional bail pending court proceedings.

On 30th October 2019, the committal hearing was listed in court but this was adjourned to 2020 due to the need for a fitness hearing. Jewell was in poor health and there were concerns he might not be fit or well enough to face trial.

However, in May 2021, Jewell was brought to justice.

An 82-year-old Jewell sat alone and emotionless in the Sydney District Court. Jewell admitted to abusing several boys in Eastwood and Randwick, leaving them severely psychologically damaged.

He was sentenced to seven years in prison with a non-parole period of four years before he is eligible for release.

Due to his age and medical condition, he is likely to be placed in protection in prison.

“I’m also deeply sorry for any pain or affliction that my actions may have caused to any of you over the years,’’ Jewell told the court.

He also claimed he was sexually abused when he was a child.

Relatives of Jewell’s victims cried with happiness as Jewell handed over his tie and belt and was lead away in handcuffs.

Jewell was finally made accountable for what he did to those boys. There’s a chance he will die in prison for his crimes.

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Image: Daily Telegraph

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