Paedophile Offender: William Landman

william landman

William Landman was one of the worst paedophile teachers in Victoria’s history, convicted of 22 counts of child abuse committed at Chelsea Primary School in 1977. In a recent ABC investigation, it was revealed that:

  • Landman was charged with 44 offences against more than 12 girls committed over just four months at Chelsea Primary School;
  • Landman was shifted all over Victoria throughout his 34-year teaching career;
  • Landman’s offending was ‘common knowledge at the Victorian Education Department by 1960…when he was caught exposing himself to teenagers
  • Landman taught at various primary schools across the state as well as spending time at Turana Youth Training Centre;
  • Landman was convicted of burglary in 1944 when he was still a trainee teacher.

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Kelso Lawyers represents victims of Landman and other paedophile teachers across Victoria and commends the ABC for exposing some of the shocking crimes that have been committed in Victorian state schools. We urge everyone to read the revelations in full.

Landman is one of many perpetrators whose despicable actions were hidden by an Education Department that cared more about its reputation and teachers than it did about the vulnerable young students in their care.

At Kelso Lawyers, we believe even one victim of child abuse is too many. Institutions must be exposed and held responsible for the horrific crimes perpetrated against innocent young people. We represent child sexual abuse survivors all over Australia and have extracted millions in compensation from powerful institutions.

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Feature Image: ABC News

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