Child Abuse Statistics

Facts about child abuse – statistics tell a horrifying story

Resource for victims, families

Australia’s child abuse statistics are sobering – up to 16% of men and up to 36% of women have suffered sexual abuse as a child.

Studies have found that 1-8% of the adult male population suffered penetrative sexual abuse as a child, and 6-16% of men have suffered non-penetrative sexual abuse.

Around 4-12% of Australian adult women have suffered penetrative sexual abuse as a child, and 13-36% have suffered non-penetrative abuse. [Source: Australian Institute of Family Studies. ]

The Australian Institute of Family Studies’ statistics of child abuse also show that about 5-10% of adults have experienced physical abuse as a child.

While the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse is seeking to tackle the risks to children in institutional care, greater awareness and education will help to reduce the incidence of child sexual abuse in the general community. It’s a continuing battle.