The shameful abuse of State Wards in NSW

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For many decades, ‘State Ward’ was the title given to children removed from their parents and assumed into the care of the State Government. Essentially, the Government became the legal parent of these children and assumed responsibility for their care.

Often, this was because Child Welfare had determined the parents/family had neglected the child or the child was in danger in the home. In other cases, the child may be assumed into care due to repeatedly running away from home or truanting from school.

These children were not criminals and had done nothing wrong. This was not designed to be a punishment.

Many of these children were placed into State and religious-operated children’s homes where they experienced appalling neglect, violence, and abhorrent sexual abuse. Others were placed into foster care, where they experienced similar abuses. These were innocent children who the Government was supposed to be nurturing and caring for.

Our founder and principal Peter Kelso is a former State Ward and understands the pain and suffering experienced by children who grew up in the care and welfare system, away from their families. Click here to read Peter’s story.

In many cases, the abuse was an open secret, everyone knew what was happening, but nothing was done to stop it. Reports were ignored, children were punished for speaking up, and those in charge were either perpetrating the abuse themselves or looking the other way.

Kelso Lawyers is passionate about helping former State Wards seek justice. Our team is hand-picked by Peter Kelso to take up the fight against powerful institutions and extract meaningful compensation for victims.

If you suffered abuse as a NSW State Ward or in a NSW children’s home, we want to hear from you. We will fight for you.

Click here to share your story, or call us on (02) 4907 4200. Further information can also be found on our website.

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