Survivor Stories From Child Abuse Survivors

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It is no simple task to relive and recount instances of child sexual abuse.

For survivors, sharing their stories can be re-traumatising. Their lives changed in an instant and recounting what happened can reopen wounds from the past.

Despite this, some of our brave clients have stepped forward to share their experiences in hope that it will encourage and inspire more child abuse survivors to take action against their abusers, achieve compensation, and start the healing process.

In this ebook, you will find nine harrowing stories of child sexual abuse, ranging from abuse within schools to orphanages, foster care, the Catholic Church, and beyond.

How the Royal Commission gave child abuse survivors the courage to step forward

During the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, we learned that children have been abused in over 4,000 institutions throughout Australia.

More than 8000 private interviews were conducted, 41,770 calls were made, and 25,774 emails and letters were received.

The Commission made 2,562 referrals to the police.

At long last, institutional abuse was being talked about. The Royal Commission gave thousands of abuse survivors the opportunity and the bravery to come forward and share their horrendous experiences with abuse.

Their trust had been broken. People in positions of power like teachers, headmasters, foster carers, sports trainers, and priests – all trusted to care for children, guide them, and keep them safe from harm.

The Royal Commission was a huge breakthrough for child abuse survivors all over Australia. Healing could finally begin.

How Kelso Lawyers have helped abuse survivors begin the healing process

Since the Royal Commission’s findings were released and the National Redress Scheme was launched, scores of brave child abuse survivors have come forward and asked for help to achieve compensation from their abusers.

The nine abuse survivors in this ebook entrusted the team from Kelso Lawyers to handle their cases with compassion and care.

Together, we have taken a step forward and taken a stand for all victims of child abuse. We have helped our clients to break free from a lifetime of dark thoughts and suffering due to childhood abuse. We have unlocked the door to financial comfort, access to better counselling, and the means to seek out support services.

We have set them on the path to healing.

This ebook is a testament to our clients’ bravery to step forward, speak up, and achieve compensations from their abusers.

These abuse survivors lived to tell the tale. Find inspiration in their survival stories – download our free ebook today.