Swimming Australia hits back at the media saying they were never shown evidence of abuse

Swimming Australia officials speaking to the media

Swimming Australia has rejected the media’s claim that more athletes have come forward with allegations of abuse.

The Sydney Morning Herald claimed eight more athletes, aside from Olympic medalist Maddie Groves, had come forward with complaints. However, Swimming Australia claims they have not received any formal details or supporting evidence about the allegations. 

“Swimming Australia is committed to creating a safe swimming environment for the entire swimming community; with a zero-tolerance approach to any behaviour that threatens this,” Swimming Australia said.

“Swimming Australia is deeply concerned and understands these are grave claims”

“Let us be clear: the allegations printed in the media over the past two days are claims that we have not been made aware of, including the nature or specifics of these allegations.”

“Swimming Australia has not been asked to respond to allegations before they were printed or posted.”

However, Swimming Australia has also acknowledged that there have been multiple allegations of abuse and “unacceptable behaviour” for many years, and the organisation has been meeting with Maddie Groves and her lawyer recently regarding her experiences.  

Going to the media is often a last resort for athletes who have lost trust in their governing bodies to properly investigate allegations or complaints of abuse.

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Feature Image: ABC News

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