Luke Garaty, Senior Partner

Team Member

Luke is a highly experienced compensation and historical child abuse lawyer. He has been with Kelso Lawyers since 2015, was made a Partner in 2022 and promoted to Senior Partner in 2024.

Luke has represented victims in all Australian states and territories, securing compensation from large institutions including State and Cth Governments, schools, churches, religious institutions, councils, charitable organisations & corporations.

He has secured many tens of millions of dollars for survivors of abuse in children’s homes, foster care, churches, schools & community groups. He also set up and established our Australian Defence Force abuse team, which has gone on to assist hundreds of servicemen and women.

Luke is passionate about victim’s rights and is an active advocate for positive legal reform to assist all survivors. He regularly lobbies State and Federal politicians & works with other leading abuse lawyers to push for changes to make the legal process less traumatic (and fairer) for all victims of abuse.

He is committed to assisting as many victims as possible, and will not shirk taking on the tough cases. He prides himself on providing clear, upfront and honest advice, so that his clients understand all their options and can make decisions fully appreciating the benefits and risks of each approach.

Luke understands that taking legal action can be very daunting for abuse victims, and is happy to take the time to speak to anyone who has considered coming forward, but isn’t quite sure where to begin.