What happens after I have made a compensation claim?

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Many survivors of child abuse have had their abuser living ‘rent-free’ in their head in the decades after the abuse. Receiving a genuine apology and a fair compensation payout from the institution, alongside counselling support, can help abuse survivors to finally close this horrific chapter of their life.

Survivors often use the compensation money to pay off a mortgage and do something for their children. They might book that dream overseas holiday or pursue educational opportunities that were denied to them as a child.

One of our clients bought a caravan to travel around Australia to look for gold. The compensation claim had set him free from an extremely troubled past and enabled him to take charge of his future.

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What you do with your compensation is completely up to you, but it is our hope that the process can help our clients to find some joy and freedom in their lives.

It can be a real relief just to have the pressure taken off. It is worth remembering that compensation is not a cure-all. You may find that you will need to continue with professional counselling or to call on support networks from time to time. This is completely normal.


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