Paedophile Offender: (Former) Reverend Andrew Duncan

Only a monster could think a sexual relationship between an adult and a 14 year old boy is okay.

What’s worse is an entire community (including the former dean of Newcastle, Graeme Lawrence) kept quiet about the whole incident.

Reverend Andrew Duncan is another priest in the pot of many paedophiles who operated in the protection of the Church.
He sexually abused boys, and not one responsible adult said a thing.

Mr Duncan was a junior priest under Mr Lawrence from 1979-1987, at St Alban’s Church in the parish of Griffith. It was at this time that Duncan’s abuse of a victim known as CKH began. CKH was also sexually abused by Hoare, Sturt, and Goyette.

CKH made a formal complaint in 2009, leading to the Anglican Professional Standards Board’s hearing of their misconduct.
Duncan was defrocked in 2012 by Bishop Brian Farran – after the Anglican Professional Standards Board heard the conduct of three other priests (Graeme Lawrence, Bruce Hoare, and Graeme Sturt) and a layperson (Gregory Goyette – also Lawrence’s partner).

Numerous victims have spoken out against the former priest – and the astonishing thing is that in spite of Duncan committing abhorrent crimes, there appears to be no actual efforts taken to punish him as an individual.

He was defrocked, yes.

But nothing has happened since.

His actions were taken into consideration at the same time as other priests who committed vile acts against innocent boys.

But there has been no call to action. There has been no outcry.

Isn’t the crime of one paedophile one too many?

He’s still allowed to interact with society, with children, and no words of being charged.
Graeme Lawrence has been charged – rightly so. But what about the other perpetrators of this sickening abuse?

At what point in time will the other men be charged for their horrific crimes – after all, they did participate in acts of abuse against a young boy.

When will they be made to pay the price for ruining an innocent child’s life?

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