Royal Commission finds a sickening amount of child sex offenders in the Catholic Church


Unprecedented level of Paedophilia in the Catholic Church

In a 35-year period from 1980 to 2015 almost 4500 allegations of child abuse were made to church authorities- involving roughly 1880 offenders.

This unprecedented number demonstrates the enormity of the epidemic within the Catholic Church. The religious community known as St John of God had a horrifying 40% of its brothers suspected to be perpetrators of child sexual abuse.

The Royal Commission has uncovered the organisation’s appalling and incompetent investigation into these traumatising crimes against innocent children.

TheCommission’s report also exposes the unbelievable secrecy and conspiracy The Church fostered to cover up these heinous crimes of sexual abuse.

Convicted paedophile Former Marist Brother Greg Sutton avoids jail time

Convicted Paedophile Gregory Sutton has been delivered a suspended sentence of two years and two months for two counts of indecent assault.

This sentence comes after Sutton only served 12 years for 67 child sex crimes.

23 of those offences involved sexual intercourse, 46 were indecent assaults, seven for acts of indecency and one gross act of indecency.

Sutton previously escaped justice for two charges of indecent assault. ACT laws required child victims to report crimes within 12 months of the traumatising incident. This legal loophole allowed Sutton to avoid a charge.

Paedophile youth workers facilitated abuse in Church of England Boy’s Society.

The Church of England Boy’s Society (CEBS) was home to a network of paedophiles in the 1970’s and 80’s. The perpetrators continually facilitated the sexual abuse of children and were aware of each other’s sexual crimes.

This is one of the latest findings of the Royal Commission into Institutional responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

The report demonstrates an alarming lack of response by church authorities, including a failure to investigate whether there was an organised network of child sex offenders with CEBS in spite of knowledge of the crimes across the Anglican Diocese and different CEBS branches.


Image source: Pexels

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