Jodie Scanlon, Senior Partner

Team Member

Joining the firm back in 2013, Jodie Scanlon has a demonstrated commitment to being of service to the community, especially victims of historical abuse and is an integral part of Kelso Lawyers. In December 2018, Jodie was promoted to Partner, and is an integral part of Kelso Lawyers.


Developing her practice and a body of knowledge throughout the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses into child sexual abuse, Jodie has extensive experience in running claims against both religious and government institutions across Australia, and in particular various arms of the Catholic Church.


Jodie was also actively involved in the Royal Commission, representing a number of key witnesses at four of the Public Hearings.


Jodie’s expertise and background in law and social science ensures that she is able to not only navigate the legal complexities inherent in historical child abuse cases, but also bring compassion and understanding to her role, and an understanding of the difficulties survivors face day to day.


Jodie is committed to delivering successful outcomes for clients and ensuring their expectations are well managed throughout the claim process. It is important to Jodie that her clients feel supported because it is only through a trusting lawyer-client relationship that the best possible settlement is achievable.

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