Clergy Abuse

I was very pleased when I heard that there would be a Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse. To me it was time for recognition and apology for the wrong-doing I suffered. I proceeded to make my statement to the Royal Commission and subsequently had a private session to tell my story. I found the private session very rewarding.

During this process I made contact with Kelso Lawyers explaining what I had experienced. Peter Kelso contacted me in this regard and took the time to explain what could be done about compensation and the process involved. After talking with Peter I was both relieved, and scared to proceed with my claim. Soon after the first contact Peter appointed Jodie Scanlon to my case.

Kelso Lawyers achieved a desirable outcome with my claim and the entire process was smooth and seamless.

The process of making my statement was confronting and challenging, however I found Jodie to be very supportive, patient and professional. During the process I found myself quite anxious at times, however, a phone call to Jodie always resulted in easing my anxiety. There would be a detailed explanation of the process and where the claim was up to. I found Jodie, Peter and Kelso Lawyers to be very compassionate and supportive throughout the entire process.

The settlement meeting was very well managed and I had the time, with Peter and Jodie’s support, to talk about my story and be respected.  Peter spent the time with me prior to the settlement meeting to discuss life in general and how the meeting will run. This was an uplifting experience that I take in my stride and will remember for a long time. Big thank you, Peter and Jodie.

Kelso Lawyers achieved a desirable outcome with my claim and the entire process was smooth and seamless, I recommend Kelso Lawyers to anyone who has suffered such abuse, a very personable experience.

* Client name has been changed to respect privacy.


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