Qld Government to address statute of limitations for child sex abuse claims

The Queensland Government has taken the first steps to remove a time limit that has prevented thousands of child abuse survivors from suing for damages.

Currently, the statute of limitations in Queensland means that child abuse survivors only have until their 21st birthday to sue state government- and church-run organisations guilty of child abuse.

However, the Queensland Government has announced a new forum that will address calls from the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse to remove time limits on civil litigation claims for child abuse survivors.

The move comes after New South Wales and Victoria both removed similar time limits, and will potentially allow almost 8,500 abuse survivors in Queensland to seek civil litigation against the State government- and church-run organisations that are currently protected by the statute of limitations.  

The Royal Commission recently heard damning evidence about the abuse of children at the Sisters of Mercy-run St Vincent’s Orphanage at Neerkol, outside Rockhampton.

Victims came forward to tell of routine abuse at the hands of nuns and priests who allegedly slapped, flogged, starved, sodomised and ridiculed children in residence at the facility throughout much of the 20th century.

Elsewhere in Queensland, five former students of St Joseph’s Nudgee College in Brisbane committed suicide after suffering sexual abuse during the 1950s and 60s, and boys as young as 12 suffered physical and emotional abuse from the 1960s until 2001, including strip searches, at a Boystown residential school new Beaudesert.  

Kelso Lawyers helps child abuse victims seek compensation for sexual and physical abuse suffered at religious organisations and in government-run institutions.

Some of the more notorious institutions in Queensland include;

  • St Joseph’s Neerkol run by the Sisters of Mercy
  • Enoggera Boys’ Home run by the Church of England
  • Westbrook Training Centre
  • Leslie Wilson Home
  • Alkira Salvation Army Home for Boys at Indooroopilly
  • Endeavour Training Farm (Riverview) run by the Salvation Army
  • Boys Town run by the De La Salle Brothers
  • Wilson Youth Hospital
  • Silky Oaks Haven for Children run by the Open Brethren Churches
  • Beulah Home run by the United Protestant Association

If you would think you might be eligible to make a claim, please contact us.

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