Our response to the recent media coverage of abuse in Reiby Youth Justice Centre

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As written by the founder and principal of Kelso Lawyers, Peter Kelso

As a former State Ward and long-term advocate for victims of child abuse, I welcome the ABC 7.30 investigation into Reiby Youth Justice Centre.

For far too long, children in State institutions all over NSW have been subjected to appalling neglect, violence, and abuse. This has to stop. The perpetrators must be brought to justice, and the Department held to account.

Were you abused in Reiby or other NSW State institutions? Click here to share your story with us. You may be eligible for compensation.

Reiby Youth Justice Centre is one of many State institutions where state employees were able to commit shocking acts of physical and sexual abuse against young people with impunity. They thought they were above the law, that nobody would listen to the victims and that they could do whatever they wanted.

At Kelso Lawyers, we have previously exposed the atrocities committed at Reiby. This includes not only the shocking sexual abuse by Nadia Khalil revealed by the ABC but a long history of sexual abuse by other male and female staff and appalling physical violence.

We have also exposed the horrors of other NSW State institutions, including Mt Penang, Keelong, Daruk, Cobham and Tamworth. There are many others.

Investigations like the ABC’s feature on Reiby further shines a light on the horrors of the past and can help victims in their quest for justice. Kelso Lawyers represents many abuse victims at Reiby and has helped hundreds of abuse victims in other NSW State institutions to secure compensation, acknowledgement, an apology and justice.

Times are changing, and big institutions no longer have all the power. People are speaking up, the media is exposing wrongdoing, and there are people willing to fight back.

If you were abused at Reiby, other NSW State institutions or any institutions around Australia, we want to hear from you. We will fight for you. Click here to share your story.

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