Victims compensation, 2012

In my childhood I was a victim of sexual abuse by my mother. The abuse I suffered was horrible and frequent. My father didn’t know what my mother was doing to me.  I could not tell him or anyone else about the sexual abuse because my mother threatened me and I was terrified of her. I was at her mercy until I was a teenager when I was big enough to stand up to her.

Although the sexual abuse ended when I was 13, I have found it very hard to cope with life. I have suffered a lot of emotional problems and very bad anxiety. I tried to get help but it took 39 years for someone to really believe what I was saying.

[breakout quote=”Kelso’s were always supportive and genuinely caring about what I had been through.”]

One day in 2009, I found out about Kelso Lawyers and talked to Peter Kelso. He listened to my story of what I had been through and said he would help me with a compensation claim to the NSW Victims Compensation Tribunal (now the Victims Support Scheme). The compensation process took three years.  Throughout this time the staff at Kelso’ were always supportive and genuinely caring about what I had been through. They helped me to get all the evidence needed for my compensation claim to be successful.

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