Time Is Running Out For Commonwealth Ombudsman Claims

Australian Defence Force

Time is running out. If you miss the deadline the door will shut.

Victims of serious violence and sexual abuse in the Army, Navy or RAAF need to find out if they can get up to $50,000 from the Australian Defence Force.

Over 1,100 reports have already been made in the past two and a half years. The Ombudsman has so far approved 327 cases for payment. All cases are moving forward and people are getting closure.

It’s time to do something.

Were you sexually or indecently assaulted? Were you physically attacked by a fellow serviceman or woman? Did hazing rituals involve sexual, indecent or physical violence?

We want to help you before it’s too late.

The team at Kelso Lawyers have made over 100 ADF claims with a huge 85.3% success rate

We are Australia’s leading advocates for ADF abuse victims. We know all about the Scheme; we know the side doors and back doors that the government doesn’t want you to know.

If there is any chance of success we will find a way for you.

The Scheme is not advertised except on the official government website. But Kelso Lawyers have written articles, produced a video and have promoted awareness of the Scheme on social media.

Still, only a handful of ex-servicemen and women know about the Ombudsman’s Reparation Scheme.

We need to do more to get the word out.

The Scheme is taking applications until 30th June 2022 – but don’t wait any longer. Contact Kelso Lawyers and see if you are entitled to a payment. Watch the video below and read the article.

Read More About The Reparation Scheme.

Fill in the application and we’ll assess your chances quickly. We want to hear from you.

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