Paedophile Offenders Perth

Western Australia has a historic problem of paedophiles in Perth

Children and youths under the age of 21 have been sent to Australia unaccompanied since the 1800s. Western Australia was the major destination for post-WWII child migrants with 48% of the children from Britain and Malta being sent to the state. The Commonwealth Minister for Immigration became the children’s legal guardian and this role was delegated to state-run organisations like Tardun, Bindoon, Clontarf and Castledare.

The Christian Brothers ruled over most of these homes with an iron fist. The children were physically, mentally and sexually abused on a regular basis while also being forced to survive in deplorable living conditions. The children had nowhere to run and no one to tell — they were alone in Australia, bar fellow residents and the Christian Brothers.

Perth sex offenders Brother Paul Keaney, Brother Francis Marques and Brother Lawrence Murphy all bounced around these homes, inflicting trauma and pain wherever they went. You will find them on our Perth sex offenders list below — among a slew of other criminals who abused children in foster care, schools and youth detention centres. 

Sex offenders in Perth cannot hide from us. At Kelso Lawyers, our goal is to expose the crimes of individuals and institutions who were supposed to protect children but instead chose to abuse their power. 

Sex Offenders List: Perth

Paedophiles in Perth & Hotspots in Australia

Our sex offenders list in Perth makes up a small portion of a larger cultural problem in our country. Australia has been a hub of clergy sexual abuse since colonisation and the Royal Commission estimates there are at least 60,000 survivors of sexual abuse relating to religious institutions. In fact, the numbers could be much higher.

Paedophiles in Perth are most certainly part of the problem.