WA Paedophile Offenders

Child Sex Offenders Western Australia

There has been an alarming number of active paedophiles in WA over the decades

Institutional child abuse is rampant in Australia. From Sydney to Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart and Perth, men and women have used their position of power to target and abuse vulnerable children. In fact, the Royal Commission discovered that children have been abused in more than 4,000 institutions across Australia including churches, schools, out-of-home care and youth detention centres. 

The number of offending paedophiles in WA is disturbing enough alone. Some of Australia’s most prolific serial paedophile offenders operated in Western Australian towns like New Norcia, Bunbury, Pilbara and Geraldton. Our list of sex offenders in Western Australia (listed below) includes Brother Paul Keaney, Brother Francis Marques and Brother Lawrence Murphy of the Christian Brothers as well as Martin James Cooper — a hostel owner for wards of the state. Each child that passed through his doors was subjected to hellish abuse and mistreatment. 

Paedophiles in WA cannot hide from us. Below, you will find some of the worst offenders in the state and the list is ever-growing. 

Sexual Offenders List: Western Australia

Paedophiles in WA & Hotspots in Australia

Our list of sex offenders in Western Australia isn’t even half of Australia’s problem with paedophiles.

Australia has been a hub of clergy sexual abuse since colonisation and Western Australia is a small part of a larger cultural problem. Tens of thousands of children have been abused in the Catholic Church across Australia. The Royal Commission estimated that at least 60,000 children have been abused by members of the clergy — however, the number could be much higher.