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Child Sex Offenders Sydney

Over the decades, there has been an alarming amount of active paedophiles in Sydney

As one of Australia’s largest cities, it comes as no surprise that hundreds of paedophiles have been reported throughout Sydney. From foster carers to teachers and members of the clergy, there have been predators hiding in the shadows for decades, using their positions of power to abuse children physically, mentally and sexually. 

Our ever-growing sex offenders list in Sydney shows just how widespread child sexual abuse has been in the city. The list includes Scout leaders like Neale Valentine, Catholic teachers like Brother Ross Francis Murrin, Father Anthony Caruana and Robert “Dolly” Dunn, and even child psychologists like Bob Montgomery.

These men held positions of power and should have been men that children and their parents could trust. Instead, instead, they abused their privileged positions, took advantage of the trusting children in their care and joined a long list of paedophiles in Sydney who have been punished for their crimes.

At Kelso Lawyers, our goal is to expose the monsters hiding in our cities and give survivors a chance at justice. Our child abuse lawyers will listen to your story with a compassionate ear and ensure you receive the maximum possible payment for the trauma you have experienced. On average, survivors don’t report their abuse for 23.9 years — it’s not too late to seek compensation.

Sexual Offenders List: Sydney

Paedophiles in Sydney & Hotspots in Australia

Australia has been a hub of clergy sexual abuse since colonisation. It is estimated that around 60,000 Australian children have been abused by members of the clergy, but the number could be much higher — and many were abused in Australia’s most famous and internationally recognisable city. Learn more about paedophiles in Sydney in the video above, as well as other notable hotspots around Australia.

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