NSW Paedophile Offenders

Child Sex Offenders New South Wales

Over the decades, there have been a horrific number of offending paedophiles in NSW

Child abuse is a terrible crime. Tens of thousands of children throughout Australia have come to understand this intimately — now adults, thousands have been forced to live with the lifelong trauma of being physically, emotionally and sexually abused by the institutions and individuals who were supposed to protect them.

Among teachers, foster parents and members of the clergy, the number of offending paedophiles in NSW is astounding. You can see the ever-growing numbers below — our NSW sex offenders list includes monsters like Graeme Lawrence (Anglican Church), Peter Paul van Ruth and Father Paul Evans (Salesians of Don Bosco) and even Scout leaders like Neale Valentine and Steven Larkins

For decades, it seemed like predators were waiting around every corner. Children could not be safe at school, at church or even at home with their foster parents. Unfortunately, this continues to be a problem today, even with safety measures in place and stricter screening programs.

At Kelso Lawyers, it’s our goal to expose the crimes of the wicked and offer survivors a chance for justice. Paedophiles in NSW cannot hide from us. Below, we expose some of the worst paedophiles in NSW and encourage survivors to come forward to seek compensation. Our child abuse lawyers will listen to your story with a compassionate ear and do everything in our power to ensure you receive the maximum possible payout for your trauma.

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Sexual Offenders List: NSW

Paedophiles in NSW & Hotspots in Australia

Australia has been a hub of clergy abuse since colonisation and our sex offenders list in NSW proves that this state is no exception. From the Mid-North Coast to the Hunter Region, Sydney, Wollongong, Bathurst and through to Albury, children have been horrifically abused in Catholic Churches and church-run institutions. Altar boys, parishioners, friends of priests — children were targeted at church and in their homes. 

Learn more about the rampant sexual abuse throughout NSW in the video above.

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