Nowhere to hide -- offenders named and shamed at Royal Commission

These individuals are just a few of the monsters who’ve committed atrocities against children. The Royal Commission have referred more than 900 cases to authorities for further investigation. Download our Royal Commission Faces of Shame exposing the key perpetrators.

NSW Police are currently investigating alleged abuse that occurred at the Parramatta Training School for Girls at the hands of Frank Valentine and Noel Greenaway. Many other perpetrators have died before charges have been laid, or complaints have been aired. You can view other prevalent paedophiles by downloading our Faces of Shame dossier.

Kelso Lawyers are constantly updating this page with other prevalent paedophiles who have committed atrocities in various churches and institutions.

Father John Denham

He was a former priest within the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle will be in jail until at least 2028. This notorious paedophile had already been convicted of nine child sex offences, but earlier this year he was convicted of a further 48 offences, adding 13 years to his jail term.

Brother Martin Harmata

He was a former Patrician Brother and teacher at Patrician Brothers’ College in Blacktown was jailed for more than three years in 2013 for the sexual assault of several students.

Father Peter Rushton

He reportedly sexually abused hundreds of boys during his 40-year career as an Anglican priest.

Father Frank Klep

He was a former priest of the Salesians of Don Bosco. Klep pleaded guilty to 15 sex offences involving boys aged 11-15 years in the 1970s and 80s. Klep was in charge of the sick bay at Victorian school Salesian College Rupertswood, and prayed on sick boys who came to him for assistance.

Father Neville Creen 

He was a priest of the Diocese of Townsville, Creen molested young girls while serving as a priest in Mount Isa between 1973 and 1981. He was sentenced to three years in jail in 2003.

John Joseph Farrell 

He was a Catholic Priest who was shipped from congregation to congregation to avoid his awful history of child sexual abuse being announced.

Jim Brown

He was a volunteer with the Anglican Church, Brown sexually abused boys as young as eight, feeding them with alcohol before abusing them. Brown pleaded guilty to 27 offences of indecent and sexual assault, and buggery in 2012.

Dr Ashleigh Jarrold

He was a dentist in Newcastle, Jarrold participated a “paedophilic smorgasbord” in the mid-1970s, and targeted underaged boys online. In 2009 Jarrold was convicted of eight offences and was sentenced to seven years imprisonment.

Father David O’Hearn 

He was a Catholic priest who told his victims that his abuse was what “what God wants”. O’Hearn was convicted of 44 child sex offences in 2016.

Donald Victor Greenaway

He used his position as a scripture and Sunday school teacher in his local Baptist church to access underaged boys.